Fruit Factory on track to open in autumn

It's unlikely that you missed the crowdfunding campaign we ran last month to raise funds for the Fruit Factory - we publicised it to the rafters!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported us, from everyone who donated to our volunteer team to everyone who shared and helped publicise it.

You all made the campaign a big success - so successful, in fact, that we exceeded our target of £12,000 in 30 days.

We're proud to report that, when the dust settled, we'd raised a grand total of £14,363.17 with over 250 people donating to the cause!

The money will enable us to finish the construction process, and the extra raised will give us a good floor and help towards repairs of the existing tractor shed roof and guttering.

We are still taking donations, if you didn't get a chance before and would like to support the project. Donate here.

The next stage is to get building regulations approval and crack on with the build.

Working with Ian Brown of Timber Build, we still hope to have the doors open in time to process fruit this autumn.

Don't miss the new Rendering on straw bales course, when we'll make a start getting the clay render on the outside of the structure and the lime render inside!