Scrumping season breaks records

We have gathered and processed more fruit than ever before this season... and we've not finished yet!

This year, we've used fruit from our own orchards at Stanmer, from sites around the city, and fruit rejected by supermarkets from orchards in Sussex.

We've made over 4,000 litres of juice and hundreds of jars of preserves this season.

So come along and taste the juice and see what local food is really about.

Grab a taste for yourself by purchasing scrumped goodies at Stanmer Park while we're juicing, or from the Foodshed in Brighton.

Visit us at the Fruit Factory in Stanmer Park. We'll be there, weather permitting, every weekend day in November and over the first three weekends in December: 5-6, 11-12, and 18-19. Our hours are 11am to 3pm.