Save Earthship Brighton

Save Earthship Brighton

We are supporting the Save Earthship Brighton campaign.

Brighton Permaculture Trust has worked to support Low Carbon Trust since the idea of the Earthship Brighton was first suggested in 2002.

We applied for the planning permission while Low Carbon Trust was being formed and are now supporting a critical funding campaign to upgrade vital services.

Earthship Brighton desperately needs investment in its power and water systems so that the flagship sustainable building can once again open its doors.

Our partner Low Carbon Trust has recently secured a 20-year lease on the site where Earthship Brighton resides.

Previously, there were a series of short term leases in place and no lease at all since 2011, which has prevented investment in the building.

Now, the security of tenure from Brighton & Hove Council has enabled Low Carbon Trust to plan ahead and help make Earthship Brighton a continuing success and a thriving community venue open to more people.

Over the years, the building has been a venue for a number of our courses, some of which we run in partnership with Low Carbon Trust. We hope it continues to do so in full swing.

Please donate today and support Earthship Brighton.