One of our guest tutors gets mushy

Once a year, we have the pleasure of a visit from Bill Knight from Keverall Farm in Cornwall who is the main teacher on our Mushroom cultivation course.

A great tutor and all round fun guy, he speaks about his love of mushrooms and the course:

"Did you know that hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out?

"That there are plants that don't have chlorophyll, so unlike most plants they cannot produce their own energy through photosynthesis that get the carbon they need from nearby trees, via the mycelia of fungi that both are connected to?

"I find mushrooms fascinating. I love foraging for them in woods and fields and I have been growing them for more than fifteen years on a permaculture smallholding in Cornwall where they form part of my web of incomes.

"This course will mix hands on practice with theory so participants will be able to go home and get on with using mushrooms as a novel extra to a garden or even think about using them to earn some extra money on a smallholding.

"You will learn the basis of growing any fungi with a focus on some easier to grow gourmet species. Everyone will leave with their first mushroom offspring to care for!"

If you would like to meet Bill and learn more about the marvels of mycellium, you can book your place here.