We're planting fruit trees - Please join us!

by Bryn Thomas

The late Bill Mollison, co-originator of permaculture, espoused the planting of useful trees in public spaces (and private gardens).

At Brighton Permaculture Trust, we couldn't agree more.

We have supported communities and schools across Sussex to plant thousands of useful trees.

In fact, our near obsession with community and school orchard planting and Sussex apple trees lead many people to think we do little else, when in reality we do much moreFind out why we plant apples and orchards.

The fruit tree planting season is nearly upon us again. In the coldest months of the year, we'll get out there to plant yet more fruit trees while they are dormant.

We will be helping a number of school and community groups to plant orchards this winter:

If you would like to help plant trees at the community locations, please sign up to volunteer.

We will also be running some courses in late November to help people thinking about planting fruit trees.

The 1-day Planning and planting a small orchard course is suitable for anyone thinking of planting upwards of a few trees and covers site assessment, selecting trees, where to plant them, and of course how.

The half-day Fruit tree planting workshop is more condensed and offers more hands-on experience planting trees at Peacehaven Community Orchard.

Winter is also the main season to prune apples and pears (but not stone fruit). Our Pruning old fruit trees course focuses on an area on which little is written and provides plenty of hands-on experience.

So why not join us in some capacity as part of an international request to plant a tree for Bill Mollison?