• Meet the team

    November 2017   Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most?  Applying self regulation and accepting feedback. Probably because I’m not very good at it. Its about, for example, being desciplined in time keeping, being strategic in applying ones energy and also in taking time out and making sure I have time with family, friends... [Read More]
  • 5 things you can do now

    November 2017 Do you want to plant fruit trees this winter? Here’s 5 ways we can help: 1.       Join us at the Planning and planting a small orchard course this Saturday 2.       Come along to the Fruit tree planting workshop at Peacehaven Community Orchard this Sunday 3.       Watch our video How to plant a fruit trees really well 4.       Get together with others in... [Read More]
  • Land at stanmer organics available

    November 2017 Stanmer Organics is a dynamic co-op of member projects who work in accordance with the Soil Association regulations. Plots of varying sizes will be available from Jan ’18 and conscientious, community-focused people with a keen interest in organic horticulture, sustainable living and working practices, nature connection and being part of a cooperative are invited... [Read More]
  • Meet the Team – Fran Pickering

    Fran Pickering – Pie maker and lover with fingers in a few of the pies Other jobs: In the Brighton Permaculture Trust management team, Stanmer group, including Plot- value adder to the Scrumping Project and all round Peasant.   Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most? The permaculture principle I need to remind myself of is... [Read More]
  • Meet the Team

    Meet the team For our new monthly fixture we will have a regular ‘Meet the team’ where we nose about in your permaculture tutors and Permaculture Trust peoples brains and find out what makes them tick! Any suggestions on questions welcome!   To kick us off this month we have the lovely Tracy Hind, Permaculture... [Read More]
  • Salutations and thanks to the magical, wonderful, lovely Sarah

      Salutations and thanks to the magical, wonderful, lovely Sarah A huge perma-thank you to Sarah for all her dedication, hard work and enthusiasm at The Brighton Permaculture Trust Plot over the last year and a half.   Anyone who worked with Sarah will know what energy, insight and humour she brings. She has been... [Read More]
  • The Brighton Permaculture Trust story

    From a Permaculture Design Course to a successful community organisation by Chloe Anthony, our Permaculture Design Course lead tutor, writes about our history following a conversation with Bryn Thomas, co-founder and CEO   “Permaculture comes from green movement and holistic thinking, joined up thinking. It’s absolutely fantastic that environmental concerns have become more mainstream, but they... [Read More]
  • Permaculture People

    14 JANUARY 2017. We both studied at Sussex Uni (having attended at different times). And we both shared a passion for food and justice. But we weren’t to meet until a climate change demo in London via a mutual friend. Lauren, with her good friend (who is now doing a PhD on workers rights and... [Read More]
  • Permaculture in craft-making

    04 NOVEMBER 2016. by Christine Wiltshire, a tutor on our Introduction to permaculture course After completing my Permaculture design course in 2011, I could see the real benefits of applying this design system to my life. Using a design structure can get you out of many bad habits! The most impactful things that have come into my life are... [Read More]
  • Apple Day Brighton 2016 a success

    04 NOVEMBER 2016. A big thank you to everyone who came to our annual harvest celebration on Sunday 2nd October 2016. The event was extremely well attended, and we were blessed yet again with wonderful weather. Our small but dedicated team put a lot of time and energy into planning and running the event, and... [Read More]
  • We’re planting fruit trees, please join us!

    27 OCTOBER 2016. by Bryn Thomas The late Bill Mollison, co-originator of permaculture, espoused the planting of useful trees in public spaces (and private gardens). At Brighton Permaculture Trust, we couldn’t agree more. We have supported communities and schools across Sussex to plant thousands of useful trees. In fact, our near obsession with community and school orchard planting and Sussex... [Read More]
  • Bill Mollison, 1928 – 2016

    26 SEPTEMBER 2016. Bryn Thomas writes: I was fortunate enough to meet Bill Mollison, the co-originator of the of term permaculture, in the early 1990s. A larger-than-life character, he believed passionately that we need to take responsibility for ourselves and the world around us. He was deliberately provocative, was often humorous, and never shied away from being controversial. He... [Read More]
  • Apple Day Brighton is nearly here

    25 SEPTEMBER 2016. by Dan Lake, Apple Day Brighton event organiser Anyone passing the Fruit Factory in Stanmer Village at the weekend recently will have seen that the scrumping team are gearing up for Apple Day Brighton, which is on Sunday 2nd October 2016 from 11am to 5pm. With the juicer duly sluiced and fresh tasty apple and pear... [Read More]
  • Two orchards in search of schools

    25 SEPTEMBER 2016. by Anne-Marie Bur Brighton Permaculture Trust is looking for two schools in Sussex who would like to have a school orchard. For £400, they can be provided with orchard design advice, unusual Sussex apple variety trees, all the planting materials, a guided planting day for pupils, orchard activity sessions e.g. apple tastings, wildlife... [Read More]
  • Why is Brighton Permaculture Trust so into apples and orchards?

    25 SEPTEMBER 2016. by Bryn Thomas You may have noticed that we are very focused on apples and orchards here at Brighton Permaculture Trust. But why this pomological obsession? Is it an obscure fruity fetish? Or is there a good reason? The simple truth is that growing fruit trees, especially in a traditional way, can be... [Read More]
  • The Fruit Forecast for Apple Day 2016

    17 AUGUST 2016. by Bryn Thomas As the summer progresses, we at Brighton Permaculture Trust always watch anxiously to see how the fruit crop is developing. Will there be plenty of fruit for Apple Day Brighton? Will there be enough for our scrumping project to make juice, cider and preserves? I am constantly struck by how much variation there is... [Read More]
  • Celebrating 35 Earthship courses

    05 AUGUST 2016. Wow, what an achievement! In partnership with Low Carbon Trust, we have delivered a whopping 35 Earthship building coursessince we began running them back in June 2009. Earthship courses always have a great buzz about them. They’re held at Earthship Brighton in Stanmer Park, and they attract a variety of people from all professions and walks of... [Read More]
  • How to heat your home with wood fuel

    05 AUGUST 2016. At last the weather has warmed up! But autumn isn’t far around the corner, and we’ve begun to think about how best to stay warm and cosy this winter. Don’t dread the shorter days and longer nights. Think sustainability and the comforting glow of fire light. If you want to improve the way... [Read More]
  • What does permaculture mean to you?

    05 AUGUST 2016. Permaculture tutor Chloe Anthony writes: At the start of our Introduction to Permaculture and Permaculture Design Course, we ask what permaculture means to you. We love to hear how you have come across permaculture as well as your personal hopes and dreams. Often, the decision to do a permaculture course comes at a turning point in life: people are... [Read More]
  • How does a forest garden work?

    29 JUNE 2016. Instructor on our Forest gardening course, Bryn Thomas, talks about the idea behind a forest garden: Co-originator of Permaculture, Bill Mollison, was once asked if permaculture [growing] really worked, to which he replied, “Do plants grow?” Of course, this answer was meant to be slightly facetious, because we all know that plants... [Read More]