Catherine Lawrence

Catherine Lawrence


About Catherine:
Catherine joined Brighton Permaculture Trust in January 2014. She has a BSc in Ecology and Conservation from Sussex University and previously worked for WWF, saving trees. When not at her desk, Catherine is busy being a Mum and trying to keep fit, as well as worrying sheep and pretending to be good at photography.

Name your permaculture hero? Why them?

I saw a TV programme about Bill Mollison years ago which introduced me to the idea of permaculture. It was a lightbulb moment - everything he said made perfect sense.

Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most?

Produce no waste - it’s a real challenge in the consumer- driven world we live in. I’m really pleased with my new hot compost bin, but it came wrapped in so much packaging! I’m sure the bubble-wrap will come in handy for something though.

Best example of permaculture in action?

Brighton Permaculture Trust’s scrumping project! Taking fruit that would otherwise go to waste and turning it in to the most delicious juice, cider, and other goodies that you’ve ever tasted.