Pippa Johns

Pippa Johns


About Pippa:
Pippa Johns is one of the founding members of Brighton Permaculture Trust.  She is an experienced tutor who has designed and created gardens using Permaculture Design for over 10 years.  She has taught on our Introduction to permaculture course in the past, and also teaches on our Permaculture design course: Building sustainable communities course. She is the main tutor for our Practical Permaculture Gardening course, and is a Diploma tutor for the Permaculture Association.

Pippa teaches on the following courses:

Name your permaculture hero? Why them?

There are a number of amazing female Permaculturists I could name, but if I have to choose one I’d say Maddy Harland of Permaculture magazine, for her vision to get Permaculture far more into the mainstream and for fully realising that vision alongside raising a family, making a beautiful garden and developing and empowering herself. A real inspiration to me.

Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most?

Apply self regulation and accept feedback. I have just been ill for 3 months because I wasn’t responding to the feedback my body was giving me. Now I’m really trying to go slow and remember to rest. It’s a difficult thing for me to do having always been someone who is busy and on the go but I guess it’s the ultimate in self care and the only way to a sustainable life for me.

Which permaculture principle is always popping up in unlikely places? Such as?

Use edges and value the marginal and Small and slow solutions. Home educating my 3 children doesn’t leave me with much time to do the things that nourish me. But I’m finding that if I accept I can go slowly and utilise the small moments of space I do get I can get quite a lot achieved in a good way. All my designing and planting for my new garden has been done in these edge moments.

Best example of permaculture in action?

I love recycling in the garden. Recently I made a new bed using all my Christmas packaging. Mostly cardboard but also the sheeps wool insulation my Christmas turkey came in. So satisfying to use waste to suppress weeds and nourish my new trees.