Stella Peyerl

Stella Peyerl

Event co-ordinator – Green Architecture Day

About Stella:
Stella is happiest when immersed harmoniously in nature. Her background is in art, education and permaculture. She is a green builder and craftsperson, specialising in living roofs and work at height. She's also an IRATA rope access climber.

Stella is experienced in adult education and events organising. She is learning to be a natural beekeeper and lives in a housing co-operative. In her spare time, Stella enjoys turning foraged fruits and flowers into wine.

Name your permaculture hero? Why them? 

Sepp Holzer for his unforgiving attitude to water and soil health. Sepp had a uphill struggle (for those in the know; excuse the pun) in his native Austria (also my home land), where attitudes, particularly in rural places, can be less than progressive. He was told it couldn’t be done, but stuck to what he knew was right and built the most beautiful and productive hill top farm at altitude - Krameterhof.

Also, Masanobu Fukuoka for his book One Straw Revolution that teaches us you don’t have to be part of the ‘hair shirt brigade’ to follow permaculture principles and for his attitude towards striking his own path.

Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most?

There’s no such thing as waste. In my everyday life in the form of my building and gardening work, I’m a real fixer and will fix everything. If it can't be fixed there are a dozen things I’ll try before it ever sees a bin. And I compost all my organics.

Best example of permaculture in action?

Tui Communtiy in New Zealand where I did my PDC many years ago. They support a large community of residents year round and provide hundreds of learning experiences to their visitors. A very inspiring place to visit.