Liz Ashforth

Liz Ashforth

Volunteer Plot Leader


About Liz:

Liz completed her Permaculture Design Course in April 2016 after a lifetime at Newcastle Uni, and few years living in China doing microbiology, event organising and performing on stage under the descriptive name “The Dreaded Liz”. She has implemented 3 additional permaculture designs on the way to a diploma.

Liz has great admiration for the complexity and efficiency of nature. She lives by the motto “life is too short for apathy and too long for waste” and so enthusiastically applies permaculture principles at both home and work. Her purpose in life is to promote positive life choices, and to discover new ways to inspire and empower a more considered approach to environmental decision making.

Liz enjoys seeing people have a change in perspective, and metaphorically (and literally) picking up rocks to see what’s underneath, so you often find her volunteering at the plot and networking in any and all areas of alternative food production.

The plot is a Soil Association member and LAND Site. It is open every Thursday from 10:30am until 3pm. Please come along and volunteer!