Green Architecture Day

Green architecture day
Cutting-edge talks on green architecture brought to you by Brighton Permaculture Trust and Low Carbon Trust

Saturday 25 March 2017
10:30am to 5pm
Sallis Benney Theatre
University of Brighton
Grand Parade Building
Brighton BN2 0JY (Directions)


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What is Green Architecture Day?

Green Architecture Day is an annual event Brighton Permaculture has run in partnership with Low Carbon Trust since 2002. Since then, the event has attracted over 2,000 participants to hear inspiring talks about how we can live and work in greener buildings. It has featured talks from speakers as varied as Ben Law, Christopher Day, Pooran Desai and Satish Kumar.

At Brighton Permaculture Trust, we believe that we need to give equal weight to sustainability in the built environment and regenerating our landscapes.

Who is Green Architecture Day for?

This event is open to anyone aged 16 or over and will be of interest to anyone interested in sustainability and buildings. The event has benefited students, home renovators, self builders, landlords, tenants, developers, builders, architects, engineers, planners and academics.

Who's Speaking at This Year's Green Architecture Day

Josef A. Holzer and Jens Kalkhof
The Krameterhof

Josef Andreas Holzer
Josef Holzer Josef was trained as a forestry expert at the Austrian college of Bruck an der Mur, later working as a freelance teacher and consultant focusing on sustainable agro-ecological principles. In 2009 he took over the Krameterhof farm and is responsible for the farm's advancement since then. The Krameterhof is a mountain farm in Austria which has gained international reputation as a permaculture showcase.


Jens Kalkhof
Jens Kalkhof Jens works as a freelance architect and teacher ( for diverse international architectural and agro-ecological design projects as well as managing a small farm with his family in Southern Styria, Austria on permaculture principles. Jens is an experienced permaculture-designer who also gives planning and design workshops at the Krameterhof.

Bill Knight

Bill Knight Bill's sustainability consultancy, 4th World Ecological Design, helps its clients reduce their ecological footprint. The permaculture ethics; Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share have been influential on his thinking. Bill works closely with planners Geo Ltd to provide support and training for both applicants and planning authorities considering One Planet Developments. One Planet Developments recognise that the impacts of development are as much to do with the behaviour of the occupants/users as they are to do with the design of the structure.

Lee Evans & James Farrell
Lee EvansOrganic Roofs, Building Green

Lee Evans
Lee is the founder of Organic Roofs Ltd, a Brighton-based nationally operating company specialising in small and medium-sized residential, public and commercial wildflower meadow roofs. Previously, he worked on green roofs in Switzerland and with the Grass Roof Company in the UK.

James Farrell
James FarrellJames is an environmentalist and founder of community group Brighton & Hove Building Green, which promotes green roofs and walls in the city. As policy advisor to the Mayor of London he developed the first planning requirements for green roofs and walls in the UK, and was involved in supporting the green roof revolution in London. He currently works as an Operations manager in the Environment Agency.

Jasmine and Simon Dale

Jasmine & Simon DaleSimon is a self taught natural builder and architect, his interest lies in the relationships between materials, people and the landscape. Jasmine has been practising and teaching permaculture in an off grid context for over a decade, with a particular emphasis on creativity, observation and integrating homes with other basic needs, such as food systems. They live and work at the Lammas eco-village in West Wales.

Sandy Halliday
Gaia Group

Sandy HallidaySandy is a chartered engineer who has worked in environmental building research for local and national governments and private and 3rd sector clients for nearly 30 years. She founded Gaia Research in 1996 to develop sustainable solutions for the built environment.


Robin Grey
Three Acres And A Cow

Robin Grey Robin is a folk singer and social historian based in East London. He is a founder member of the Community Food Growers Network, and created the show 'Three Acres And A Cow, A History Of Land Rights And Protest In Folk Song And Story' to spread his passion for the topic.


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