First apples picked

by John Matthews

The first apples from our orchards at Stanmer were picked at the end of July, a little earlier than usual due to the good growing weather.

We spent two half days picking the Beauty of Bath trees, which have small reddish fruit with pink blushed flesh, and then collected windfalls from the Emneth Early, a small green cooking apple.

About 150 kg of apples were picked and, on the second day, they were taken to be juiced at Hollingdean Community Centre.

As the Beauty of Bath apples have some acidity and are not too sweet, the pink-coloured juice was delicious.

Many of the remaining apples in the Stanmer orchards are Bramleys, which ripen a little later, as do the Ellison's orange and other eaters.

Picking will start early to mid September, so, if you fancy a few hours in the orchard helping to pick what we hope will be a good crop, your help would be much appreciated. Sign up to our volunteer list for notices as to when picking will start.