Scrumping project kicking in

Cherry scrumping

by Stephan Gehrels
Many thanks to Tree, Helen, Juanita, Amy, Alex, Terry, Neil, Tom and Emily who came along on Saturday 23 July with me to pick cherry plums. Between us we managed to pick over 150kg of fruit, including a few blackberries for good measure. And that's not counting the kilos we gobbled as we worked!

The trees were still laden in spite of our best efforts. You can see photos of the day by clicking here.

I really enjoyed my day and would really like to thank a fantastic bunch of volunteers for getting stuck into such a good scrumping session!

Already, large quantities have been turned into jam by expert jam maker Carol, who is also running our jam workshop

We also started picking the first apples of the year yesterday, up at Home Farm Orchard at Stanmer, and it's not even August!!! Due to the extremely dry weather in spring, we are estimating that most tree fruit is a good two weeks early this year. Mad!

Will be back up there picking again on Thursday. We will also be turning some of them into juice. Like the idea of trying Apple and Cherry Plum juice, too!

Many thanks again for Saturday, good people, much appreciated.

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