5 go to the top in Permaculture

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Brighton, Worthing, Lewes and other parts of the immediate southeast can now boast five more people who have achieved their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

On the first weekend in September, two auspicious gatherings happened where local Permaculture Projects were presented to willing audiences by Claire Hunt, Flo Scott, Rebecca Harris, Nir Halfon and Adrienne Campbell.

These intrepid people have developed themselves as permaculture designers, creating a variety of designs for clients, for schools and community groups, for transition towns and for themselves, changing lifestyles to become more sustainable and resilient over the last few years.

  • Claire showed her development of the Worthing Garden Share scheme for the local council, as well as some projects for her own home.
  • Adrienne is one of the founders of Transition Town Lewes and showed her work in developing the Lewes Pound and a local Car Club.
  • Nir's work in supporting Steiner, Montessori and Lewes New schools described how permaculture can be integrated into the primary school curriculum ... in mobile bathtubs!
  • Flo is looking at creating a Community Gardens scheme in Hollingdean, showing people they can use their wayward lawns to grow their own salads and other easy food crops, as well as designing her double-decker chicken tractor.
  • Rebecca's ideas for a 'bay window garden' show how even the smallest sunny space can be productive and afford lots of joy as well as teaching her three-year old where food comes from. She also set out her design for the redistribution of Apple Wealth in Reigate.

Congratulations all!

Tutors from Brighton Permaculture Trust (Bryn, Stephan, Jan, Hedvig, Pippa, Jen and John) were in the accrediting teams that awarded the Diplomas on behalf of the national Permaculture Association.

If you want to know more about the Diploma, click here.