A fruity boost from Infinity Foods

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This time last year, our crowdfunding campaign to raise money to build the Fruit Factory had been launched.

We were on tenterhooks every day to see if we would be able to raise the money to finish the building.

The campaign was successful! The build continued last summer. By the time Apple Day arrived at the end of September, we were able to open up to visitors so they could see what had been achieved.

Whilst the money raised finished the build, the Fruit Factory is not ready yet for use. We still need fixtures, fitting and flooring.

News came last week that our long time supporters, the wonderful Infinity Foods, are making a large donation to move the project along.

Their donation will see the flooring splashbacks and plumbing installed.

Infinity are currently supporting some of our orchard planting in schools and have been sponsors of Apple Day for several years now, so this is a huge public thank you for all their support.

We are currently applying for other sources of funding to help equip the kitchen. If successful, we aim to open the building for use this summer.

If you weren't able to donate to our campaign last year but would like to know more, you can find information about or donate to the project here.

Up the scrump!