Orchard funding news

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Brighton Permaculture Trust are pleased to announce that further funding has been secured to support work at a further five orchards this winter, four in Brighton and one in Arundel.

Thanks to a long lease from Brighton and Hove City Council for the Racehill Orchard Brighton Permaculture Trust has been awarded £25,000 funding from Veolia Environmental Trust and a £10,500 from the Big Tree Plant to help develop the site. The money will be used to clear space to plant apple trees and a few pear and plum trees as well as shelter hedging species. Over 200 fruit trees and 2250 shelter hedge trees are expected to be planted by 2015.

The Big Tree Plant funding we secured will also be used to support Craven Vale community orchard in Brighton with native fruiting trees and shrubs, as well as and Herington Field Community Orchard in Arundel with 150 shelter trees.

Residents of the Hollingdean neighbourhood voted in favour of spending £4,500 of funds made available to them on planting 2 small orchards as well as further tree planting around in their area. Brighton Permaculture Trust will be a delivery partner in this project and we hope to raise up to a further £10,000 to help support it.