• The art of fruit tree propagation

    For at least 4,000 years people have been propagating the very best fruit varieties, selecting ones that taste good, crop well, are locally adapted, etc. The pip in an apple has been cross-pollinated with another type of apple. So if you plant an apple pip it won’t grow up to be like its parent, just... [Read More]
  • The Wonderland that is Racehill Orchard

    ‘A mass of colour blooms in the Orchard despite the total lack of rain. All the stripeys are enjoying the ragwort (that’s Cinnabar moth caterpillars) and the place is thriving. See the abundance of broad-leaf everlasting peas, large ox-eye daisies and field scabious in the different sections. What a wonderland it is.’ Kirsty Sloman, Racehill Community... [Read More]
  • Water and space heating from solar

    Those of you who have watched my YouTube channel will be familiar with the way I like to try things rather than listen to the armchair theorists. So, I have been experimenting again, spending a bit of cash, and learning things new to me. This idea however is not new and is startlingly obvious, but... [Read More]
  • Big new concessionary and volunteer discounts on courses

    New discounts announced thanks to the Neil Smith bursary fund.  The Neil Smith bursary fund has enabled us to: – halve the price of concessionary places on all our courses – and offer discounts to our volunteers on most of our courses The concessionary discounts are now active on our course pages and are available... [Read More]
  • Meet the Team – Ian Brown

    Ian Brown – Carpenter and Strawbale Builder Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most?   Design from pattern to details – nature is amazing, the shapes the forms from nature have been inspiring and informing construction craft and design for centuries. As modern building methods and details evolve it is important we honour... [Read More]
  • Solar power and woodland management

    by Andy Reynolds I have been running our home for the last decade using wind and solar electricity. The experiences of building this system have been distilled into a book, now in its third edition. The new editions were necessary due to the changes in the technology and the availability of the components. I still... [Read More]
  • At the Plot – March

    Environmental activism disguised as music! It’s been a musical start to the year, behind the scenes at our Plot at Stanmer. At back end of January, we invited Unite the Beat along to one of our regular volunteer sessions. The team, made up of the dynamic musical couple, Emily and Malik, specialise in taking people... [Read More]
  • Meet the Team – Pippa Johns

    Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most? Apply self regulation and accept feedback. I have just been ill for 3 months because I wasn’t responding to the feedback my body was giving me. Now I’m really trying to go slow and remember to rest. It’s a difficult thing for me... [Read More]
  • Tree planting in Coldean

    Lovely pictures from the recent tree- planting in Coldean. Well done every one what a great day! Here are some quotes, all from Coldean residents! ‘Looks amazing! Tim & Jack had a lovely time’- Emma ‘It was really interesting & now I feel really inspired. Thank you’ -Siobhan ‘I enjoyed it as everyone did, look... [Read More]
  • Jonny Anstead – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Jonny Anstead Town Jonny began his career at Locum Consulting (later Colliers CRE), where he worked on regional tourism, regeneration and economic development strategies and city master planning projects. Joining Beyond Green in 2005, he was instrumental in the company’s transition from sustainability consultant to land developer and led the acquisition, funding and early stage planning phases... [Read More]
  • William Hardie – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    William Hardie Master Craftsman Studio Hardie, Amazing Sheds William Hardie is a passionate designer, maker, artist and craftsman renowned for his innovative problem-solving skills. He heads up a celebrated design company Studio Hardie, a team of committed designer makers that specialise in a diverse variety of unusual high profile projects in many disciplines including architecture,... [Read More]
  • Keith Ellis – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Keith Ellis Moving Sounds Keith has been facilitating workshops and trainings since 2001 on community, environment, well-being and diversity. His work involves music, media, theatre, nature connection and mindfulness. He is a founding director of Movingsounds, a Community Interest Company that delivers creative workshops addressing social and environmental issues. He is a trainer in Cultural Emergence, creating healthy communities and... [Read More]
  • Lex Titterington – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Lex Titterington Lex is a creative facilitator, movement and visual artist, permaculture designer and yoga teacher. Lex facilitates and designs workshops, courses and retreats throughout the UK and internationally. With 25 years of Professional practice in the arts Lex brings a unique flair to the art of creative facilitation. Lex’s work is based on connection... [Read More]
  • Looby Macnamara – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Looby Macnamara Looby is author of People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. People and Permaculture Is the first book globally to translate the use of permaculture principles and design for people based systems, widening the definition of permaculture and making it relevant and accessible to all. She is creator of the Design Web, a holistic design... [Read More]
  • Rowland Keable – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Honorary Professor Rowland Keable, UNESCO Chair on Earthen Architecture Director Rammed Earth Consulting CIC and Earth Building UK and Ireland Project Officer Rowland has worked with rammed earth technology since 1985. This includes building as part of Passivhaus projects such as UK local authority classrooms where thermal and humidity loads are more of an issue... [Read More]
  • Andrea Jones – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Andrea Jones Community Led Housing in Brighton & Hove Andrea will be talking about the new and exciting opportunities opening up for local groups to create their own affordable housing solutions in Brighton & Hove. She combines experience in community self-build, project management, business planning… Her recent PhD was about what makes it possible to... [Read More]
  • Athena Steen – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Athena Steen Canelo Project Educator, designer, builder for over 27 years of strawbale, adobe, and other natural buildings with artistic vision and sustainable design. Co-author of several books including, “The Straw Bale House”,”The Beauty of Strawbale Homes,” “Built by Hand,” and “Small Strawbale.” Co-director and founder of a small non-profit, The Canelo Project, dedicated to... [Read More]
  • Eileen Sutherland – Green Architecture Day Speaker

    Eileen Sutherland Director Straw Works and School of Natural Building Eileen is a partner in Straw Works and in the School of Natural Building. Her interest in construction started with her Dad. He ran a building company and celebrated the day of Eileen’s birth by putting the mixer on the plot where he was to build... [Read More]
  • New project: Wildlife at Racehill Community Orchard

    New project: Wildlife at Racehill Community Orchard Racehill Community Orchard  adjoins Whitehawk in East Brighton. Brighton Permaculture Trust manage the orchard working with Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. We also work closely with Brighton & Hove City Council whom manage the Whitehawk Hill Local Nature Reserve in which the orchard is located.   The new project is all about... [Read More]
  • Meet the Team – Christine Wiltshire

    This month we are joined by Christine Wiltshire. Thanks so much for sharing Christine. As ever we are incredibly proud of our humble, hirsute and hard-working team Christine Wiltshire, Introduction to Permaculture teacher and team co-ordinator. Which permaculture principle do you have to remind yourself of the most? ‘Integrate Rather than Segregate’  Particularly in relationships... [Read More]