Green Architecture Day 2018

Cutting-edge talks on green architecture brought to you by Brighton Permaculture Trust and Low Carbon Trust

Saturday 10 March 2018
10:30am to 5pm
Sallis Benney Theatre
University of Brighton
Grand Parade Building
Brighton BN2 0JY (Directions)


Sustainability at Scale: Size Matters 

Size matters and so does what you do with it.

“When you have more than you need build a bigger table not a higher fence” - Unknown

The theme this year is Sustainability at Scale: Size Matters.We will be asking our leading experts if there is any use in our current climate of being a tiny beacon of sustainability or should we be focusing on larger developments.

How this can be possible and where the architectural and design community is heading? How does this translate to a city like Brighton and Hove and what is being done here at home?

This year's Green Architecture Day promises to be an inspiring day of talks, with stalls and stands, including Meet the Expert and a complimentary light lunch. The full programme is available here: Green Architecture Day 2018 Programme



William Hardie - Master Craftsman, Studio Hardie, Amazing Sheds

William Hardie  

William Hardie is a passionate designer, maker, artist and craftsman. He is particularly interested in fusing traditional methods and materials with innovation. Read More

Eileen Sutherland - Straw Works Ltd & School of Natural Building

Eileen Sutherland  SNB  

There are exciting movements in straw-building happening in Europe. Eileen leads the UK team with partners in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Read more

Rowland Keable -UNESCO Chair on Earthen Architecture

Rowland Keable  ebuki

An authority on Earthbuilding, Rowland is also Director of Rammed Earth Consulting CIC and project officer for Earth Building UK and Ireland. He will be talking about large rammed and earth and chalk structures and how they are possible in our time. Read more

Lex Titterington and Keith Ellis 

  Keith Ellis  

Lex and Keith will be leading us in a journey into Cultural Emergence as well as delighting us with an optional ceilidh to learn more and get the blood pumping. We’re really looking forward to this and will be sure to get stuck in for this unique experience!

PLEASE NOTE: Looby Macnamara is no longer able to attend this event.

Read more Lex
Read more Keith

Athena Steen – Canelo Project

Athena Steen      Canelo Project

Hailing from Arizona, Athena is world renowned and highly recommended for her work on low-impact dwellings. A talk not to be missed. Read More

Jonny Anstead - TOWN

Jonny Anstead  TOWN

Jonny has been involved in large, high profile developments and will explore with us how large scale projects measure up to smaller community-led endeavours. Read more 

Andrea Jones - Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust

Andrea Jones  BHCLT

Andrea will be talking about the new and exciting opportunities opening up for local groups to create their own affordable housing solutions in Brighton & Hove. Read More

Experts table


Meet the experts and ask them your questions
Have you ever really wanted to ask something in the Q&A but couldn't quite find the words...?
got worried your question was too specific to your own situation...?
didn't want to speak on a microphone...?

We realise not everyone is as skilled as our wonderful experts at public speaking so we have set up an experts table for you to meet the experts and ask your questions.

As well as our speakers from the day the experts table will have:

Mischa Hewitt  Low Carbon Trust

Director of the Low Carbon Trust and one of the pivotal heads behind the functional beauty that is the Brighton Earthship, Mischa Hewitt.

Ian Brown 

Sustainable construction expert and tutor for our Building with straw bales course, Ian Brown.

What is Green Architecture Day?

Green Architecture Day is an annual event Brighton Permaculture has run in partnership with Low Carbon Trust since 2002. Since then, the event has attracted over 2,000 participants to hear inspiring talks about how we can live and work in greener buildings. It has featured talks from speakers as varied as Ben Law, Christopher Day, Pooran Desai and Satish Kumar.

At Brighton Permaculture Trust, we believe that we need to give equal weight to sustainability in the built environment and regenerating our landscapes.

Who is Green Architecture Day for?

This event is open to anyone aged 16 or over and will be of interest to anyone interested in sustainability and buildings. The event has benefited students, home renovators, self builders, landlords, tenants, developers, builders, architects, engineers, planners and academics.

Green Architecture Day 2018 will be a conference-style day with a variety of expert speakers. Something for everyone interested in sustainable development.

Each year we tailor the day with a theme to respond to current advances and future changes. A date for the diary not to be missed.


We will be serving a complimentary vegetarian soup and bread at the café/bar at the Sallis Benney. Additional sandwiches and extras can be purchased on site as well as a number of nearby restaurants and pubs


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Booking Green Architecture Day

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Green Architecture Day archive

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