Walkabout permaculture

Postponed until 2021
This two-day course runs from 10.00am to 5pm in Stanmer Park, Brighton.

https://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Bridget-_-Charlie-Exploring-Sacred-Soil-Dromberg-2017-1-e1583167039924.jpg https://brightonpermaculture.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/Bridget-_-Charlie-Exploring-Sacred-Soil-Dromberg-2017-1-e1583167039924.jpg
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Join us for urgent, exciting, stimulating, confronting explorations into food growing and foraging, self-care, housing, social permaculture, conservation, eco-psychology, wilding and more.

We live in times of rapid, almost unknowable change and for many, through choice or circumstance, this means lives of increasing precarity and mobility. How can permaculture, which is the conscious design and practice of ecological living, be applied to lives not centred around homesteads and settlement?

Walkabout is many things – an approach to life, ancient sacred rite of passage, and the turning away from what can no longer be tolerated towards the unknown.

This is a Permaculture course for all the people on the move, commuters, travellers, students, refugees, nomads – for those on pilgrimage, between places, lost, displaced, looking – those on Walkabout.

What will the Walkabout permaculture course cover?

The course will be a mixture of classroom and hands-on learning. Topics will include:

  • Foraging skills
  • Wild gardening
  • Adapt strategies
  • Yatra

We will be walking around the orchard and Stanmer Park a bit…no more than 45 min per day. Practical exercises will make up about 2 hours a day (broken up over a couple sessions).

Take home materials: Course notes, resource lists and your own personal action plan.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to anyone aged 16 or over who wishes to explore Walkabout permaculture and is appropriate for all people and levels of permaculture experience.

Please note that, unfortunately, this course is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Course tutors

Charlie Brennan and Bridget O’Brien are global gardeners. They have a combined 40+ years of experience as landscape designers, project managers and educators. Weaving together gardening, Permaculture, conservation, regenerative practices, agriculture, ecopsychology, sense of place, horticultural therapy and work with indigenous communities, we work with land stewards to regenerate the land. Our workshops are both best practice and highly innovative, drawing upon local and international projects, elements of designs from our own projects, case studies and our experiences as teachers. We walk our talk putting theories and teaching into practice in our personal and professional lives.


The Fruit Factory
Stanmer Park (near University of Sussex)
South East England

Get directions to Stanmer Park.


If you intend to book accommodation, please check availability before booking a place. Get details on local accommodation and Brighton Permaculture Trust supporters who can provide accommodation in their homes.


Fees include tuition, refreshments, handouts and information sheets.

  • £247.50 – Sponsored/organisation rate
  • £247.50 – Individual income more than 25k/yr
  • £200 – Individual income 18-25k/yr
  • £152.50 – Individual income less than 18k/yr
  • £84 – Individual, concessionary rate (check eligibility)*

* Concessionary places are limited. If places are not available check back two weeks before the course/event as more may be available then.

We endeavour to make our courses and events affordable to all. Unfortunately, we do not receive any external funding for most of these and rely on large amounts of voluntary input.

See the cancellations and refunds policy.

Booking the Walkabout permaculture course

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Booking is essential. If places are still available, then bookings can be made until midday the day before the course/event. A place is not secured until we have received the requested payment.

If you are booking within two weeks of the course, or the course is nearly full, you will not have the option to pay later. Instead, you will need to pay immediately at the point of booking using a credit card or PayPal.

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