Stanmer Pippin

Stanmer Pippin apple

History of Stanmer Pippin

The tree was grown from the pip of a supermarket apple by Anne Markwick at Stanmer Park during the 1960s and raised by Plumpton College Horticultural Training Centre, Stanmer Park, Brighton & Hove.

Description of fruit

The fruit is medium in size with a round conical shape. The skin is flushed orange-red with broken red stripes on a yellow green background with some russeting. There are prominent white dots on the skin (lenticels), and it is slightly greasy. The flesh is crisp and fine textured with a greenish tinge, juicy and sweet with a rich flavour.

Season of use

The fruit hangs on the tree and can be picked in late September.

Tree habit

The Stanmer Pippin forms an upright, spreading tree that is moderately vigorous.

Flowering and pollination

Flowering day: Fmid

How to identify a Stanmer Pippin apple

Apples can be identified by sending them to the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale or by bringing a sample to Apple Day Brighton, where an expert pomologist will be on hand to identify apples. From each tree, bring three or more ripe fruits and a shoot with representative leaves.

Where to buy a Stanmer Pippin apple tree

Please contact us for details of our supplier for Sussex apple varieties.